About Pat Harris

Our aim is to help, taking you from pain or dysfunction to mobility and beyond. In short, we offer friendly, professional and effective treatment enabling you to achieve and maintain your health goals.

Dr. Pat Harris is trained to assist patients in relieving lower back pain, leg pain, neck pain, headaches, and other conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. Alongside Dr. Harris is his team of certified Chiropractors and Pedorthists, who assist his practice on a daily basis, they are eager, professional, and knowledgeable and are happy to assist you with any muscular pain or discomfort.

We have a non-invasive and conservative treatment approach for conditions that affect the joints, muscles, ligaments, and/or nerves. In addition to treating pain, we look for the root of the problem in order to prevent future episodes.

Additionally, we also offer Custom Orthotics. These custom-made insoles are designed to improve your posture by supporting your feet. They also ensure proper weight distribution and reduce the chances of pain in your back, knee, and feet. They also distribute and absorb the shock felt by your feet while you are running and walking.